Status Update 8/14/2022 + WIP Character Sneak Peek: Lena Makarov

Consolidated from two Patreon posts.

WIP Character Sneak Peek: Lena Makarov 

Here's the initial design for a character I've been working on. I was going for gloomy introvert, a look I think the anime style pulls off pretty well. Not sure if I'm satisfied with it yet... but I'm not not satisfied with it either. 

I wasn't originally intending to expand the cast much from what I already had planned, but I realized Lena would likely end up playing a bigger role than I initially expected. 

 Bit of background info for those interested in that kind of thing:

  • Lena is the daughter Sergei Makarov, a Russian coroner/medical examiner.
  • In lieu of a normal upbringing, she spent much of her childhood around cadavers while learning her father's trade.
  • Her Sage (mages of global skill/renown like the Dragon and the Warden) title is something appropriately macabre like the Reaper or the Grim or something. Still undecided on that one. You can probably guess what her specialty is.
  • Despite her background, her title/specialty, and her emotionally detached upbringing, she's not necessarily evil. Though you could say her practices are frowned upon in modern society.
  • Her past is entwined with one of the heroines, though I won't spoil who.


Status Update

It's been a bit of a slow week, so not much to report. I got sick for a few days and then took on the project of clearing out my parent's basement of two decades of junk a certain someone has been hoarding, so I haven't had as much time as I'd have liked to work on the game. Barring any catastrophic and unforeseen meteor showers, I should free to go back to working on it for awhile, so I'm hoping I'll be able to make some good progress. 

I decided at some point one of the minor characters in the story was going to need to play a larger role, so I've been working on a model for her when I get the chance. I'm hoping she'll turn out as cool as I imagine her, but we'll see. I'll probably post some screens of her when I'm satisfied with her design.

That's pretty much it for now. I'll leave you with this pic of Karin being cute.

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How many cool or interesting finds were in that basement? That's the real question we should all be asking because that's always how it goes.

You go to start cleaning or organizing and along the way you find so much stuff to get distracted by, lol


Depends on how much you like books! We've all got piles and piles of books we're interested in while the rest are being donated. Lots of vintage leather-bound tomes and stuff of that nature. My dad was a used book seller for years, and much of his house was converted to storage for that (which understandably drove my mom crazy). He's getting too old to do anything with it, and most of the books are so niche it would take years to sell them. Seriously, he just sold a book a few days ago that'd been listed for 12 years. >_>;

Of course he was also into model cars, vintage audio stuff like receivers, records, tapes, 8-tracks, players for all of them, big ass kabuki speakers from the seventies that weigh fifty pounds each, etc. Some of its still surprisingly usable even! I might actually end up using some of the speakers if I can find a place for them. (they're so big)  

Found a sailor moon figurine still in the packaging, though the quality of the model was dubious enough I'm fairly certain it came out of a happy meal or something lmao. So yeah, definitely some cool stuff lying around. Unfortunately, their basement did flood at one point in the past few years, so anything close to the floor at the time was likely damaged beyond repair. Still, thanks to his packrat ways much of it was stacked to the ceiling and fairly safe which leaves plenty of stuff to sort through and salvage.

Thanks for asking by the way. <3