Status Update 9/6/2022

Life is filled with super drama I have no choice but to partake in lately, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Still working on 0.4.

The public release of 0.3 is still slated for 9/11.

I love you.

That is all.

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No worries, we see on discord you put a lot of work and effort into your game, its okay that if production is slow because of life stuff, we support you and your 100%! Its refreshing to see a creator so dedicated to his project and I think alot of us fans see that


Appreciate the kind words! This is probably the first thing I've really made and shared publicly that's gained any traction, so I have no idea what a normal amount of work looks like for a project like this or how long is reasonable to expect people to wait for updates, etc. etc.

Point being, it can be hard to tell if the bar I've set for myself is realistic or not, so I really do appreciate the understanding and support. Keep being awesome.

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It honestly varies from dev to dev and game to game. I know of a couple games that are updated once every 3-4 weeks and on the opposite end I'm following a few other devs that usually push an update after at least 3-4 months. About a month or so is a happy medium for most that I follow.

Not that you have to abide by those, really all that matters is you work at your own pace and maintain the quality you're happy with for whatever goals (Render count, word count, or whatever point you'd like to leave things at story-wise) you have for updates.

I think what really helps is how communicative you've been with how things are going. There are, unfortunately, a few too many devs that kinda just leave things in the air unless you're following them on every platform they're on.


Understand you're still human, thank you for the update. 


*Confused lizard noises*

(But seriously, thanks!)